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creating custom sneakers for the real and unreal

A revolution in footwear

exohumans is a club for the unique


we create custom-made anatomical sneakers that fit your feet,


any feet you own.

Revoluton in footwear


Using your NFT as a key, unlock the onboarding process. We will learn about your feet, your habits, and sporty preferences 

Become an exohuman

We use your data and intersect it with unique geometrical markers in order to generate a well-fitted, custom-made Sneaker, tailored to your needs.

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Get a unique NFT

An EXO NFT acts as your community membership key, we look after our own with incredible physical and digital shoes.

Receive activation token


The NFT key generates a EXO token every six months. these tokens are the only way to get your feet on a pair of our sneakers.


Cash in your tokens

We will use the information you gave us on the app to jumpstart your tailored shoe manufacturing process



Your custom NFT refills with a new token every six months. at that time you will have the ability to purchase a new shoe

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NFT member tokens to secure your part in the first-ever collection of mass customized anatomical sneakers

Behind the Design

Oran Sheinman

Oran is an international computational designer and footwear innovator. As he endured foot injuries in his past, he realized that shoes, in the manner that they are made currently, are not equipped to deal with the variety of the human condition. That idea became an obsession, that obsession became exohumans.

"This is an expedition, this is a quest. My aim is to create the brand of the future - One that is good for people, good for the environment, and aligned with what the people want - creative, comfortable, kick-ass sneakers to put on their feet.

Be an early investor! it's going to be an awesome ride"

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